Dialogue Social Enterprise (DSE)

Dialogue Social Enterprise was founded in 2008 in Hamburg, Germany to facilitate social inclusion of marginalized groups on a global basis. With operations in over 30 countries, DSE’s main areas of focus include raising awareness on and creating tolerance for otherness in the general public and therefore overcoming barriers between “us” and “them”. DSE also aims to create jobs for underprivileged people by turning disadvantages into opportunities and thereby strengthening their self-esteem. 


Drosos Foundation

Drosos Foundation is DID’s strategic partner.  Drosos applies a partnership approach. It assists and advises partner organizations during the development of its projects through providing comprehensive support, monitoring and evaluation throughout the implementation of the projects. The Foundation attaches great importance to a social entrepreneurship mindset as well as to fairness, transparency and personal accountability. It expects its partners to display a willingness to learn, commitment and a desire to reflect on and continuously improve their performance.

Logo CID Consulting

CID is a pioneer in approaches which integrate private, public and civil society interests to create new and sustainable opportunities for growth. CID holds the role of building the capacity of ANWA to ensure its ability to manage projects & raise necessary funds in the future.